How to Move a Hot Tub

Move a hot tub with advice from Fronheiser Pools.
Purchasing a hot tub is an investment so the last thing you want to do is damage it, or leave it behind when you move! Not to worry though, if you follow these steps, it’s possible to safely move a hot tub which is vital, because, after the stress and hassle of moving, you’re going to need a nice, long soak!

Gather Your Moving Supplies

You’ll need moving straps, 2 pallets, 2 pallet jacks, and protective moving blankets and/or cardboard. Depending on the site, you may need plywood to lay flat and form a smooth path to make moving over uneven grass or gravel easier. 

Drain and Clean Your Hot Tub

Follow the manufacturer guidelines and all local regulations to ensure you’re draining your spa water properly. 

Pack Up the Accessories

Cords, pump, plumbing unit, heater, blower, and electrical units should all be packed separately and securely. 

Grab Some Friends and Load the Hot Tub

Ideally, you’ll have 6 or more people doing the heavy lifting so you can maneuver your spa onto the pallets. If the path/gate/truck isn’t wide enough to accommodate your hot tub, you can gently tilt it on its side. If there aren’t enough lifters to fully pick up the hot tub and set it on pallets (on opposite ends of the hot tub), three people can lift one side enough to slide the pallet under. Professional movers usually use pallets for moving a hot tub, but you can also move it using plywood or 2 x 4 pieces of lumber. The goal is to lift the hot tub a few inches off the ground and provide a smooth surface so the pallet jack can slide under and lift your hot tub without damaging it. 

Use Two Pallet Jacks to Move a Hot Tub to the Truck

With the pallets at opposite ends of the hot tub, you can slide two pallet jacks under on either side, so one is pulling while the other pushes the hot tub down the path. No paved path to follow? This is where laying out plywood to form a smooth path will be a lifesaver!

Load the Hot Tub on the Moving Truck

Once it’s in place, protect it by wrapping it in moving blankets and placing cardboard between it and the walls of the truck. 

Move a Hot Tub by Reversing the Process!

Once you’ve arrived at the new location, simply unload the hot tub, lay a plywood path to the site, and use the pallet jacks to roll it into place. Have your electrician run the electrical connection you need for a new space you’ll totally love. With enough helpful friends who are happy to work for pizza and drinks, moving your hot tub is a fairly simple process that you can confidently DIY, allowing you to save the cost of hiring professional movers. And if you run into any questions about packing up your hot tub accessories or the moving process, give us a call! Fronheiser Pools is a full-service pool and spa company and we’re happy to help.
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