How Long Can I Expect My Pool to Last?

Whether you’ve just decided to pull the trigger on that backyard oasis you’ve always wanted or you already own a swimming pool and now you’re wondering, “How long can I expect my pool to last?”, we’ve got the unbiased information you need so you can plan for the future! Pools vary widely in cost and durability and we know that when you pick your material, you want to make the best decision that fits into your budget. Read on to find out how long you can expect your pool, be it vinyl-lined, concrete, fiberglass, or above-ground, will last.

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools last 10-20 years on average. With the lowest price point and a respectable lifespan, a well-maintained, high-quality above-ground pool can be a good choice for some owners. On the downside, above-ground pool liners don’t last nearly as long as other types and will need to be replaced at least one time during your ownership. A high-quality, thicker liner should last 5-8 years. The thinner liner that often comes standard on above-ground pools only lasts 2-5 years. When it comes to the liner, it pays to purchase the premium choice and save yourself some money and work in the next few years. 

Vinyl Liner In-ground Pools

As with all pools, the quality of pool and builder can have a big impact on lifespan, but in general, you can expect to replace your liner in about 10 years. Many families opt for vinyl because not only is it the least expensive option to build, but you can choose any shape and size, and maintenance of vinyl is easy since it’s not porous. As with all pools, the quality of the materials and your builder make a difference on lifespan. At Fronheiser, we’re proud to offer Matrix Pool Systems, because it’s such a long-lasting, high-quality material. Before purchasing your vinyl pool, do your research about the quality of vinyl your builder will be using.

Fiberglass In-ground Pools

Typically the most expensive pool to build, fiberglass pools can last 25-30 years, but it depends on the quality of the pool and the way it’s installed. Probably the biggest downside for fiberglass is that it has to be manufactured off-site and then delivered to your home so you’re very limited in the size, shape, and depth you can choose. 

Gunite In-ground Pools

Also called concrete pools, gunite pools can last for 25 years or more. For longevity, when we construct our gunite pools, we tie steel rebar in the excavated site for structural strength. With proper care and maintenance, you can plan on enjoying your pool for decades!  

How Long Can I Expect My Pool to Last and What Is the Best Choice?

At Fronheiser, we only build vinyl-lined and gunite pools because we think they are the two best material choices. There’s really no wrong answer when it comes to picking your pool material! Any pool that gets your family into the backyard, swimming, splashing, and having fun together is the perfect choice. Got questions about our pools? Check out our FAQ page, or learn more about our custom-built inground pool here!
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