The Perfect Time for Your Pre-Winter Pool Closing in Pennsylvania


If you’ve been around our blog for long, you already know the importance of winterizing and closing your pool at the end of the season.

You do know that, right?

Unless you’re planning to adopt baby alligators next spring, you must close your pool correctly. If you want to raise baby alligators, finding a swamp when you uncover your pool will work just fine. But, for the rest of us who want to start next year’s pool season by, ahem, swimming, the most important step in opening your pool next year is properly closing it this year. So, now that you’re convinced winterizing your pool is vital, you’re probably wondering one thing: “When do I need to close my pool?”

There are simple factors to consider when picking the perfect time for your pool closing. Here’s what you need to know.

The #1 Consideration in Pool Closing

The temperature is the number one consideration when deciding when it’s the right time to close your pool. If you close it too soon, warm days will heat up the water under your winter cover and speed up algae growth like mad. If you wait too long, the first freeze can cause water to freeze in your plumbing lines and equipment. You’re aiming for a sweet spot right in the middle. Since algae and other bacteria will thrive in a warm pool, wait until temps fall to 65℉ or below.

In PA, that typically means late September through October is the perfect time to winterize and close your pool. So, once Autumn is in full swing and both water and air temperatures are below 65℉ (and you’re confident it will stay that way), it’s a good time to close your pool for the season.

Planning to winterize and close your pool yourself? Take a look at our closing tips for a refresher! Or, let our dedicated service team take care of winterizing your pool for you! Use this form to request service and join our pool closing program.

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