Hydrotherapy Benefits

Whether seeking the best hot tub technology, therapy, or relaxation experience, Fronheiser Pools offers a variety of styles and models. Once you start soaking in your hot tub, you will no doubt begin experiencing a vast array of health-related benefits.

Why Hydrotherapy

When soaking in a spa, your body becomes relaxed in the warm, bubbly water. Thus, allowing hydrotherapy sensation to become the optimal apparatus for physical, emotional and stress management.  You’ll experience the top of the line jets and versatile massage with the J-LXL Collection. Since the seats are uniquely configured to target specific muscle groups, all you need to do is rotate through the various jetted seats. Besides being energy-efficient, these fantastic hot tubs feature signature Jacuzzi innovations.


Those enjoying a daily dip often start feeling better and attain a healthy life. Seeing as hydrotherapy will lessen the pain with the combination of warm water and jets; those two elements will alleviate muscle pain, tension, as well as reduce stress levels.


While designing a refuge in the comfort of your own home, remember to choose a location for privacy with little disruption. You can instantly transform your sanctuary into a relaxing retreat by adding a beautiful water feature. The calming sound of running water produces a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. Furthermore, decorate with containers of lush plants surrounding your hot tub or spa. Thus, creating a serene atmosphere. When merged with hydrotherapy, you’ll jumpstart a healthy way of life. Sometimes you need to get away and spend some quiet-alone-time. Why not in the comfort of your backyard in your home-away-from-home refuge?


A quick soak in warm water for about 20 minutes or more before participating in a vigorous activity or exercise program will improve circulation and flexibility. After a physical activity enjoy a warm jet massage to refresh those sore, tense muscles.

Learn more about hydrotherapy benefits by visiting your local dealer to find the hot tub that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

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