Keep Blowing Your New Years’ Resolutions? A Hot Tub May be Your Answer!

Keep Blowing Your New Years' Resolutions? A Hot Tub May be Your Answer!
According to USA Today, most of us give up on our New Year’s resolutions by January 17. But, for hot tub owners, the secret to your success might already be sitting in your backyard. When it comes to hitting your New Year goals, a boost may be all you need. And a hot tub can provide it. Here’s how. 

Physical New Year’s Resolutions

Are your goals this year about health and fitness? Don’t discount the impact your hot tub can have! Check out these amazing benefits. 
  • Pain relief. Hot tub soaks help in a couple of ways. First, they relieve pain from injury and chronic conditions so you can get back to moving. Plus, they can help you recover faster when workout soreness sets in. 
  • Weight loss. While you’re enjoying a relaxing soak, the warm water elevates your core temperature and increases your circulation. For your body, the results are similar to doing aerobic exercise. Some studies have even shown hot tubs can be beneficial in treating obesity
  • Better sleep. Sleep is vital if you want to stay motivated to wake up early and hit the gym.

Mental, Mindfulness, and Meditation Goals

Was your New Year’s resolution to decrease stress, meditate more, or boost your brain health? Your hot tub can help! The peace and quiet you find in your spa are unmatched. It’s the perfect place to slip away to each morning for some meditation, prayer, or quiet time. And it can be your favorite getaway after work, allowing you to decompress and ease stress.  Plus, your hot tub has physical benefits that can boost your cognitive function. The warm water increases blood flow and carries more oxygen to your brain. This not only lowers stress but can improve brain function, as well.

Relational Resolutions

Was your New Year’s promise to spend more quality time with your kids or partner? Your hot tub is the perfect place to connect with your loved ones! The great thing about hot-tubbing is that no one can bring their devices to family night. Instead of looking at screens, everyone spends time talking, laughing, splashing, and playing. And just like adults, kids and teenagers love hot tub soaks! (Wondering how young is too young for a hot tub? Read this.) Try making your hot tub a part of your next family game night or date night

A Hot Tub from Fronheiser Pools is the Answer!

With a hot tub as your secret weapon, this can be the year you crush your New Year’s goals! Even if you’ve already slipped up, that’s okay. As they say, it’s progress, not perfection, that matters. So, add regular hot tub soaks into your routine and at the end of the year, you’ll look back with pride at your success. No hot tub of your own yet? Why wait? We carry the best brands, in an array of models, sizes, and price points, so we’re sure to have a hot tub that fits your needs and budget. Visit us and see our selection in person! 
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