Shhh … The best hot tub date night secrets

You don’t have to stretch your imagination to realize that your hot tub … well, it’s a pretty romantic spot, especially at night. It’s dark, but your hot tub probably has some romantic LED lighting. It’s warm, the bubbles and hydromassage are sensual. You and your special someone are wearing your swimsuits. It sets a cozy scene.

But if you’re planning a hot tub date night, there are a few things you can do to really ramp up the romance factor and make your evening something VERY special.


The right music can set the mood. Whether your hot tub has a sound system or you simply move your portable stereo or Bluetooth speaker near, cue up your favorite romantic playlist.


There’s the lighting in your hot tub, which we’ve mentioned. But you’ll want to consider surrounding lights, too. Twinkle lights and candles are all good choices. (Be sure to turn off the harsh outdoor lights and motion lights, or you could have an unpleasant interruption!)


Alcohol and hot tubs really don’t mix, but one (plastic) glass of champagne or your favorite wine wouldn’t come amiss. Other good choices include non-alcoholic cocktails, cold water and fruit juices, etc.


Scents can add to our experiences in interesting ways. Try adding special aromatherapy crystals specifically made for hot tubs to the water to help set the mood. Scents that include jasmine, geranium and peppermint are known to boost the romantic spirit.


Of course your spa offers a fantastic hydromassage. But if it’s romance you’re after – try giving each other a massage while you’re in the hot tub, too. Your special someone will enjoy the attention, we promise.

So, now you’re ready to enjoy a romantic hot tub date night at home, but you don’t have a hot tub of your own? At Fronheiser, we have a spa to fit every space and every budget – whether it’s the balcony off your bedroom, or the large patio outside your back door. Come see us today!

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