Should I Add Spa Chemicals Before or After I Have Company?

Use spa chemicals for hosting company.
There’s something about hot tubs that just makes people feel absolutely relaxed. Maybe it’s the water itself, or the bubbles, or the way they seem to cocoon you in warmth and tranquility. Whatever it is, people can’t help but unwind when they get into a hot tub. Add spa chemicals at just the right time to ensure that each hot tub day is a success. And what could be better than relaxing in a hot tub with company? Here’s how to maintain your spa correctly when you are expecting guests.

When Should I Add Spa Chemicals?

Hot tubs do require some maintenance, including balancing your chemicals. A spa needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly to ensure that water is safe and healthy. Spa chemicals are important in order to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the hot tub. So, when should you add spa chemicals? It is important to add spa chemicals both before company arrives and after they leave, in order to ensure that the spa is clean and safe for use. Yes, it’s really that simple. We always recommend getting free water testing from Fronheiser Pools to see exactly the chemicals your spa water needs.

What You’ll Need

Utilizing spa chemicals is crucial to keeping your hot tub free of unwanted bacteria, biofilm buildup, and even algae. The most important chemical you’ll always need is a sanitizing solution such as chlorine or bromine. Depending on your hot tub and needs, you might also need a pH increaser or decreaser, line flush cleaner, filter cleaner, or even algaecide. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Simply bring us a sample of your water and we will send it through our testing system. The free report and expert advice can help you get the exact products you need to make sure that the big day is enjoyable for everyone. Should I Add Spa Chemicals Before or After I Have Company?

Add Spa Chemicals Before Company Comes

If you’re expecting company to use your hot tub, add the necessary chemicals in advance. This way, your spa will be ready for guests without any delay or extra work on their part. You should add the correct proportions of each chemical based off your water test results and ensure that it is thoroughly dissolved before anyone gets into the hot tub. Treating it ahead of time will ensure that your water is clean, clear, and oh, so enjoyable. When your guests arrive, you can feel confident taking them for a grand soak in your hot tub. Sit back and relax as you enjoy great conversation and water that is perfectly balanced.

Add Spa Chemicals After Company Leaves

After your guests head home, it’s time to check your water balance again. You can shock your water, add more sanitizer, and add a clarifier if needed. This will help to remove the impurities that were introduced from your guests using the hot tub. It is important to add these chemicals after each use to make sure that your hot tub remains clean and safe for future use. Maintaining a hot tub before and after will keep your spa water sparkling and sanitized. Choosing professional-grade chemicals from Fronheiser Pools is as easy as shopping our online store or coming in for free water testing and professional advice. With Fronheiser Pools, you can have session after session of successful spa soaks all season long.
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