What’s the Difference in an Entry-Level & High-End Hot Tub?

If you’ve done much shopping for hot tubs, you’ll notice a wide range of price points. Some cost only a few thousand dollars, while others are well over $10k. What’s the difference? What factors cause some hot tubs to be priced so much higher than others? Here’s a breakdown of what goes into pricing a hot tub.

You Pay for Size 

Larger spas, naturally, cost more than the smaller ones. They also have more features. At Fronheiser Pools, we carry cozy two-seaters that are ideal for personal massage therapy and date nights, all the way up to roomier party spas that seat up to eight adults. If you’re looking for something at a really attractive price point, consider one of our plug-and-play spas by Freeflow®. We also carry exceptional, high-quality hot tubs from Caldera® in a variety of sizes for patios, backyards, or even indoor use. Big or small, you’ll find the right spa for you, with the right features and pricing, at Fronheiser.

You Pay for Performance 

Some of our customers are looking for a relaxing way to kick back in the evenings. Others are in need of hydromassage therapy for injury or pain relief. If you truly need that therapeutic massage, our unbelievable Caldera spas have the power and performance you need to work out tense muscles, relieve pain, and alleviate soreness. When shopping for a hot tub, remember more jets do not necessarily equal a better massage! Your massage therapy is based on the power of the jets and the water flow. More output costs more than just having some fun bubbles to play in. But the results are also beautifully beneficial.

You Pay for Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient hot tub costs more upfront, but it’s more cost-effective to operate over the life of the spa. Energy efficiency depends on both the working parts and the interior insulation, so it’s generally a sign of complete, overall quality. The most efficient spas run for as little as $10 per month. But even the less efficient ones today are more efficient than the spas of old — rarely costing more than $20 per month to operate. You can see some fluctuations in the colder months when the unit has to compensate for the extreme cold. But it evens out during the warmer months, costing very little to stay warm. When it comes to exploring your hot tub options, look no further than Fronheiser Pools. Our wide selection of Caldera hot tubs and Freeflow spas can help you create the perfect backyard landscape at any price point. From big to small, and all of the sizes and seating arrangements in between, Fronheiser has the hot tub you need to transform each and every day into the best day of your life.
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