How Do I Care for My Swimming Pool After a Flood?

Mid-spring to mid-summer is Severe Weather Season in Pennsylvania. That means we commonly see thunderstorms, tornadoes, and torrential downpours — sometimes, this leads to localized flooding. Whether your pool got drenched in the last passing monsoon or you’re just wondering what to do “in case,” Fronheiser Pools has you covered with the tried-and-true steps for cleaning up your pool after it floods.

Address any Electrical Issues Immediately

Chances are, if you just went through a flooding experience, you aren’t donning your swimsuit to jump in the pool just now. But you probably are walking around your yard, assessing damage, and cleaning up. The very first thing to check is for any electrical wires, lines, or equipment that may be in standing water. Whether it’s in your pool or anywhere on your property, go inside and alert the power company immediately. Stay inside until the power is shut off and it’s safe to resume your assessment and cleanup. Remember Saturday morning cartoons? Ya gotta play it safe around electricity. (Louis the Lightning Bug)

Now Tend to Water Quality

Before you swim again, you’ll need to make sure your pool water is back to clean and safe levels. A flood introduces numerous contaminants to the pool, including chemicals, oil and gasoline, debris … anything that washes up from roadways, waterways, neighbors’ yards, or even the local sewer system, can end up in your pool after a flood. PHTA recommends that pool owners completely drain their pools (once standing water has receded) and clean out your pool plumbing lines. Remove all the debris from the pool and replace all your filters. Refill your pool and follow our usual Water Care recommendations. For a free guide, courtesy of Fronheiser Pools, scroll down to our Pool Care Guide at the bottom of this page. 

Turn to the Experts

Fronheiser Pools is a full-service pool and spa company, and we offer both regular cleaning services as well as repair services. We also have a convenient Online Store to order the water care products you need to get your pool back to pristine condition following a flood, or any other time!  Call us anytime at (610) 845-2221 and press #2 for service.
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