3 Expert Pool Spring Maintenance Tips

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Spring is here and the time is now to perform some preemptive pool maintenance. We’ve got some expert tips for pool maintenance this spring so you will be in the clear for pool time fun.

Invasion of the Foliage

Chances are you’ve taken steps to turn your backyard into a virtual oasis. You may have planted bushes around the perimeter for a bit of privacy or placed flowering plants for some added color. You’ve probably also got a shade tree or two. But that perfect environment can also create debris in the form of leaves, blooms, and branches—all of which can find its way to your pool. Spring is a good time for grooming the foliage around your pool. Trim those plants and trees back to a reasonable size and reach to mitigate the issue of leaves and blooms in your pool. And if you’re not comfortable with the idea of cutting tree branches, consider hiring a local tree-trimming service to cut back limbs that might rain leaves or twigs down into your pool.

The Skinny on Skimmers

As a primary tool in keeping your pool clean, your pool skimmer has one job: pull in debris and trap it. An overly full skimmer, though, inhibits the inflow of water and additional debris. The water not circulating efficiently, in turn, inhibits the overall cleaning system of your pool. So clean out those skimmers regularly. Before you tackle the skimmers, turn your pool’s pump off so it doesn’t continue to draw. Next, remove the skimmer basket and dump the larger trash into a garbage bag or can. For the smaller bits trapped in the basket, a quick douse with the hose should do the trick. Take a few minutes each day to keep your pool looking and functioning great… and not just in the spring. Cleaning out your skimmers should be part of your regular maintenance program. Keeping your pool’s cleaners clean will go a long way towards keeping your pool’s water clean.

An Ounce of Prevention

Most of us love the Spring and all that it entails with new growth, the sounds of nature, and warming temperatures. Unfortunately, those warming temperatures can invite new growth of the undesirable variety in your pool water. Head off potential problems before they get a foothold.  Make sure your pool circulates the water properly by keeping your skimmers clear (see above) and your filters clean so your chemical treatments are well distributed. Establish a frequent and regular cleaning schedule and scrub down the walls of the pool, but be mindful in choosing an appropriate pool brush that won’t damage the wall surface. Shock your pool and use an algaecide on a weekly basis. Don’t forget to keep an eye on chlorine levels, as well. Have a Fronheiser pool? Fronheiser has decades of pool experience and offers a range of pool services that will keep you and your pool in the clear. We also provide you with all the guidance you need for a sparkling pool. Contact us with your questions.
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