5 Pool Features You Never Dreamed Were Possible (but they are!)

Swimming Pool Ledge
When you’re planning a backyard swimming pool, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild. And in fact, we encourage it! We love working with our customers to create the poolscapes of their dreams. But the really cool thing is, pool design and technology has come so far, chances are there are a good number of features you’d love to add to your new pool – if you only knew they were possible! So here they are – our 5  favorite pool features you never dreamed were possible (but they are!):
  1. Waterfalls. Sure, waterfalls aren’t that big of a surprise. But do you really know how customizable they are? Whether your backyard vibe is natural and woodsy or sleek and contemporary, we can design a waterfall for your pool that blends seamlessly.
  2. Grottos. Tucked behind a waterfall, a grotto is a very cool feature to add to your pool. Build in color-changing lights and even waterproof speakers for a truly amazing affect.
  3. Swim-up bars and tables. Be honest – this is like one of your favorite things about going to a resort, right. But did you know you can recreate the same experience at home? It’s true! Use the table for snacks or games, or add a full bar – the choice is yours.
  4. Tanning ledges. A smooth ledge just submerged below the water’s surface, this provides a great place to relax in the sun while staying cool. For some customers, we even integrate umbrella holders so you can shade your ledge if you choose to.
  5. Underwater pool lights. Nothing new, really – except that today’s pool lights feature colorful options and energy-efficient choices like LEDs and fiber optics.
These are 5 great, fun adds for your pool. But are there more to choose from? Of course! If you have an active family, be sure to consider pool slides, basketball goals and diving boards. To create the full experience in your backyard, consider a hot tub, outdoor furniture, and landscaping. If your mind is spinning with the possibilities, browse our online gallery for inspiration and then give us a call. We’d love to walk you through our pool showroom and help you start planning the pool of your dreams today!
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