9 Must-Know Tips for Opening Your Swimming Pool

tips to open your swimming pool
It’s the best time of year… pool season! The sun is shining here in Pennsylvania. Temperatures are on the rise. And you’re itching to get into your swimming pool. Great news! We’re here to help with tips for opening your swimming pool.

Remove Your Pool’s Safety Cover

Sweep away leaves and debris using a soft broom. Large debris can be picked up and moved off the cover. If there’s any standing water on your cover, use your pool cover pump to remove it. Remove the pool safety cover by folding it over on itself so it looks like an accordion. Spread the pool cover somewhere so it is flat; apply a cover cleaner and gently scrub it with your broom. Rinse the soap with your garden hose, then dry the cover completely using a leaf blower. While you clean your cover, inspect it to see if it’s torn or damaged; now is a good time to replace it if necessary.  Store your clean and dry pool safety cover inside a storage bag or a storage bin.

Clean the Surface of Your Pool

Skim the surface of your pool to catch anything that fell off your cover during the removal process. Getting this now will make the cleaning process a little easier.

Remove the Plugs

Winterizing plugs are designed to stop water from getting into your pipes and freezing, which is why we use them when we close pools. When it’s time to open your swimming pool, you need to remove all of those plugs. You’ll notice bubbles in the water as water starts to flow into the pool; this is normal.

Install the Pool Accessories

Now’s the time to reinstall your slide, step rails, diving board, pool ladder, and any other accessories removed when your pool was winterized. This is a good time to lubricate your diving board hinges and any bolts you touch during the process.

Add Water

Even with a safety cover on your pool all winter, it’s common to lose water during the coldest months of the year. Now is the time to add water until your water level is back up to normal. We recommend using a filter on your water hose to keep contaminants from getting into your pool water.

Take Care of Your Filter and Pump

Turn on your pool pump. Once water is flowing through your pump, check your filter. Decide now if it needs to be washed or replaced.

Balance Your Swimming Pool Water

Bring a water sample into your nearest Fronheiser Pools showroom and we’ll give you an accurate baseline to work from for the rest of the swimming pool season. When it comes to basic pool chemistry, adjust the alkalinity, then the PH and then the calcium.

Clean Your Pool

Brush your pool surfaces to head off algae, then vacuum your pool to remove sediment from the floor.

Shock It

Pool shock will kill bacteria and algae spores, and it will help your pool water stay sparkling clean. When you open your swimming pool for the year, we recommend you use two pounds of chlorine shock for every 10,000 gallons of water. And that’s it! Leave your filtration system running for at least 24 hours, and then you’re free to swim in your pool for the season. For all of your Pennsylvania swimming pool needs, our team is here to help… now and all summer long.
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