Help! How Can I Tell If My Pool is Leaking?

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You’ve enjoyed your inground pool all summer and are planning your pool closing when you get a water bill that is a lot higher than usual. Now, what on earth could that be about? Then it dawns on you… Could it be… Oh, no… Help! How can I tell if my pool is leaking?! Before you contact the bank to refinance the house to pay for repairs, take a deep breath. This may seem like a catastrophe, but the good news is that most pool leaks are easily repaired — particularly when you act promptly and get the pros at Fronheiser Pools involved.

Signs That Your Pool is Leaking

There are some common signs that you may have a pool leak, including the aforementioned higher-than-normal water bill. Here are some common other indications that you may have a leaking pool:
  • A wet mushy spot in the yard near the pool
  • The pool water level often needs to be topped off by two or more inches
  • A sudden and dramatic drop in chemical levels
  • An algae infestation over a very short period of time
  • Puddles of water underneath your pump, filter, or heater
  • Cracks or broken tiles in or around the pool
  • A tear in the vinyl liner of your pool

The Most Common Reasons Your Pool is Leaking

There are some typical scenarios when a pool leak is discovered, and while it does happen, broken pipes underground are not the most likely cause. Whew. 
  • Tears in your vinyl liner. Tears do occur in vinyl liner pools. They are easily patched or replaced, and it is not a complicated or expensive repair. You do, however, need to act without delay and call out your professional pool technicians from Fronheiser Pools.
  • Cracks in a concrete or gunite pool can occur with age. Similarly, tiles can break or crack, which can contribute to a leak.
  • The skimmer throat can develop a leak due to the sealant breaking. This is actually a very common issue and is an easy fix with pool putty.
  • Leaks around your pool equipment can be due to a pressure-side return leak or a suction-side leak. Older equipment may need replacing.
  • Loose fittings on railing, slides, and other pool accessories can cause leaks.
  Not as common (and more expensive to repair) are underground plumbing breaks or structural defects in the shell of the pool itself. 

What To Do About It If Your Pool Is Leaking

The most important piece of advice we can give you is to act without delay. Call in the professionals from Fronheiser Pools to determine the source of your leak and how to conduct the appropriate repairs. You may be able to patch a small tear in your vinyl liner pool yourself, but larger repairs should be left to the experts. The only way to fix a pool leak is to determine the source of the problem, and that is best handled by experienced leak specialists. Your pool is an investment that provides you and your family with hours of enjoyment each year. It is meant to last a long time, and with proper care and maintenance, it can. Know the signs of a potential leak and you won’t ever have that moment of panic when you think “Help! How can I tell if my pool is leaking?” When you take care of your routine tasks faithfully and get in the habit of troubleshooting for larger problems, you will experience many years with only minor repair issues. If you suspect your pool is leaking, don’t delay. Call Fronheiser Pools to come out and do a thorough inspection. We have been building and servicing pools since 1965 and have been named among the top 20 pool companies for service by Pool and Spa News.  We can get your pool back in prime condition.  
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