How to Choose the Right Safety Cover for Your Pool, Lifestyle, and Budget

how to choose the right pool safety cover
You know you need a safety cover for your pool. But how to choose the right safety cover for your pool, lifestyle, and budget may be tougher to figure out. There are two main reasons pool safety covers are desirable. One, they offer protection to your family, visitors, and pets, and two, they keep debris out of your pool, making spring pool opening much easier. There are two main types of pool safety covers: solid and mesh. Both types offer a barrier of protection and are securely anchored in place with anchors and attached springs and straps. However, there are some differences in how they work and the sort of maintenance they require

What Does a Mesh Pool Cover Offer?

One advantage of a mesh cover is that it is the more affordable option of the two choices. They are also lighter and easier to install than solid covers. Mesh covers are made from a tightly woven vinyl fabric that will keep debris out of your pool. Rain can seep through the mesh, but sticks, leaves, and bugs will not.  There is some variance between types of mesh covers in terms of how much UV light they allow in. A mesh cover that has high UV resistance will prevent sunlight from penetrating the cover and therefore will be more of an algae deterrent. 

How to Care for a Mesh Pool Cover

Mesh covers are pretty easy to maintain during the winter. Leaves and debris should be removed with a leaf blower. Snow must not be allowed to build up or form ice, as the cover could tear, stretch, or the anchors be pulled out. Snow can be removed with a broom or brush. Since rain can penetrate the cover, some sediment will accumulate on the bottom of the pool. This will have to be vacuumed up when reopening the pool in the spring. 

Advantages of Solid Safety Covers

A solid safety pool cover will keep most everything out of the pool. Solid safety covers will block 100% of UV rays, meaning that when you reopen the pool in the spring you should be algae free. Debris of all kinds is prevented from entering the pool, including fine sediment and pollen. Solid covers are more expensive than mesh safety covers but are made from a more durable material. 

Winter Maintenance for Solid Safety Cover

The trade-off of having an easier spring opening is that you will have a bit more maintenance to do during the winter when you opt for a solid cover. Because the surface is solid, rain and snow will not penetrate and drain into the pool as they would with a mesh cover. This collected melted snow and rainwater should not be allowed to remain on the cover. A solid pool cover requires a special pool cover pump to remove that accumulated rain or melted snow. Solid snow can be removed with a brush. 

The Bottom Line

How do you choose the right safety cover for your pool, lifestyle, and budget?  A mesh cover may be your best option if:
  • You prefer less maintenance during the winter, and don’t mind a more labor-intensive spring pool opening
  • You want a more affordable pool cover 
  • You will be installing and removing the cover yourself
  You may opt for a solid cover if:
  • You want an easy spring pool opening
  • You will have help with installation and spring removal
  • You want the maximum level of protection
  Fronheiser Pools is proud to offer GLI® pool safety covers in both mesh and solid materials. We are available at two locations to answer your questions and help you choose the best swimming pool safety cover for your needs. Stop by today to discover the incredible cover that is perfect for your pool.  
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