Super Fun Pool Party Games for a Crowd

inground pool party
A pool from Fronheiser Pools is no doubt perfect for hosting a variety of fun and interactive inground pool party games that will keep your guests entertained and engaged. Whether you’re looking for classic games or modern activities, we have something for everyone in Berks County and beyond. Read on to learn more about various inground pool party games.

The Basics of Pool Party Games

Pool parties are a great way to cool off during the hot summer months. They can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. When it comes to throwing the best pool party ever, party games are a fun and exciting way to keep the laughter loud and the crowd begging for more.  From traditional water-based activities to modern competitions, there are plenty of options when it comes to organizing an entertaining inground pool party.

Introduction to Pool Games

Pool party games almost always require minimal preparation and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Some classic water-based activities include volleyball, Marco Polo, tag, and “shark attack.”   If you want something more elaborate, consider buying a few inflatable beach balls or other toys that can easily float in the water. Or if you want something more competitive, consider investing in some floating hoops or rings that your guests can aim at while in the inground pool.

Fun Pool Activities for All Ages

In addition to traditional pool-based activities such as Marco Polo and tag, there are plenty of other activities suitable for all ages that will make your inground pool party even more enjoyable.  If your guests include children who cannot swim yet, provide them with floaties or other flotation devices so they can enjoy themselves without fear. Or consider providing beach balls or rubber duckies that they can play with in the shallow areas where they can stand safely.  Another favorite, especially when played with small groups, is swimming Duck Duck Goose, which works just like regular Duck Duck Goose but instead requires players to stay afloat. One you may not be as familiar with is King or Queen of Pool. In this game, someone from each group is selected as leader before beginning a battle: Whoever stays afloat the longest wins! You can also set up chair races if your pool is large enough: This involves setting up chairs around the perimeter of the inground pool and having your guests race around them while treading water! And don’t forget about board games and card games – these are classic crowd pleasers for enjoying the party by the pool, but not necessarily in it.

Tips And Tricks For A Successful Pool Party

When hosting any kind of gathering – especially one involving swimming – it’s important to ensure everyone’s safety. Clearly state your pool rules and safety expectations to your partygoers. And, last but certainly not least, enjoy your party, your pool, and your summer! Stop by one of our stores around Berks County and stock up on your pool party essentials. Don’t forget to tell us about your awesome pool party games on Facebook!
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