Is a Salt Water Inground Pool Safe?

A stunning inground pool in a beautiful residential backyard.
Are you considering installing a salt water inground pool in your backyard? Did you even know there was such a thing? Salt water pools are growing in popularity due to their many benefits, including lower maintenance costs and healthier water. But is it really safe to swim in a salt water pool? The answer is absolutely, yes. And Fronheiser® Pools can help you keep your salt water inground pool safe and sparkling.

Safer than the Ocean

As with any pool, taking good care of it is key. With proper maintenance and upkeep, salt water pools can be just as safe as traditional chlorine pools. Read on to learn how salt water pools compare with chlorine-based pools.  Some people are hesitant to make the switch from chlorine-based filtration systems to a salt water pool due to safety concerns. But there is little cause for concern: A well-maintained system can help keep your pool clean and sanitary without sacrificing water quality or endangering anyone’s health. 

How Do Salt Water Pools Work?

How do salt water filtration systems work? It’s pretty fun science, actually. In an inground pool, salt water filtration systems work by using electrolysis to create chlorine from the salt in your pool water.  The process begins when you add pool safe salt to the pool’s water. When electricity is applied via a battery-like cell in your pool filter, an electrolytic cell breaks down the salt molecules into sodium and chlorine ions. The chlorine ions then act as a sanitizer for your pool, killing bacteria and other contaminants.  Once those chlorine ions have done their job, the chlorine reverts back to its original form, salt, and is circulated back through the system again. This means that you don’t need to continuously add more chlorine to maintain safe and clean swimming conditions in your pool. Fewer chemicals, less chlorine, but no horseshoe crabs. 

The Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

Salt water pools have become a popular choice among pool owners because they offer several benefits over traditional chlorine-based systems.  These include significantly reduced chemical usage, which is better for you and your family – especially your skin and eyes. Also, less chlorine means fewer chemicals stored on your property. Salt water pool converts also report that the water in their pools feels softer and more pleasant. In addition, salt water filtration systems yield clearer water, keeping your pool picture perfect.  Improved water clarity from more effective filtration keeps pools picture perfect. Reduced maintenance costs are also key for salt water inground pool owners.

The Right Equipment, the Right Guidance

At Fronheiser Pools, we specialize in inground swimming pools and swimming pool equipment. But it’s our experienced team of pool experts that make the greatest difference.  We have been helping our customer family take care of their pools since 1965, so you can trust us with your safety needs when it comes to salt water pools. 

Take It with a Grain of Salt, But…

…Ultimately, salt water pools can be a great choice if they are properly maintained and monitored. The benefits they offer – easier maintenance, reduced chemical use, and improved water clarity, better quality water – make them an attractive option for many inground pool owners. At Fronheiser Pools, we understand the importance of safety when it comes to swimming pools, and our experienced team is here to answer any questions you have about salt water pools and salt water pool equipment, and to help you keep your pool clean and safe. Contact us today to learn more!
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