What Is Deep Seating Patio Furniture?

deep seating patio furniture
What is deep-seating patio furniture? In the simplest terms, deep seating patio furniture is just high-quality outdoor furniture that hasn’t cut any corners, kind of literally. Until recently, casual furniture was commonly a catch-as-catch-can way to catch your can, so to speak. Like a monkey playing piano: The point wasn’t that the monkey did it well, but that she did it at all. No longer. Patio furniture can now be just as luxurious, comfortable, ergonomic, and appealing, as the furniture inside your house.

What is Deep Seating Patio Furniture?

Deep-seating patio furniture is what it sounds like: patio chairs, sofas, lounges, and other furniture with extended seat depth. Deep seating outdoor furniture is more comfortable, lasts longer, and is sturdy against Pennsylvania weather with heavenly high-quality cushions to match. Sink in our sofas, swim in our pools. 

Why Deep Seating Patio Furniture?

Deep-seating patio furniture is more comfortable for everyone, but especially for longer folks. It looks fabulous and uncompromising on your deck or patio. In practical terms, this means a more ergonomic, more comfortable, and much more supportive seat for you, your family, and your guests. And deep seating patio furniture from Fronheiser’s TelescopeⓇ collections features enhanced weather resistance and greater durability.


Telescope Casual Furniture is one of the oldest manufacturers of outdoor furniture in the U.S. They have been producing the finest al fresco furniture for more than twelve decades, and have never deviated from their laser focus on style, quality, and versatility. Telescope furniture features high-density foam cushions, heavy-duty frames, powder-coated aluminum materials for durability, and easy-care finishes on their fabrics. They are proud to never compromise on a customer’s comfort, and they are a family-owned company just like Fronheiser Pools, although they’ve got a couple of years on us (they do look good for their age, though).

Alright, Where Can I Get Some?

With a broad selection of pools, spas, and more, Fronheiser Pools has everything you need for luxurious outdoor living, including deep-seating patio furniture. At Fronheiser Pools, we get that outdoor entertaining is about much more than pools, spas, and hot tubs. We thrive on working with you to create more than a space: We help you create an experience.  As a family-owned business with a small but devoted full-time staff, we know that the most important thing that you will ever have in your backyard is people; make sure they’re comfortable and can put their feet up with deep seating patio furniture.  As Pennsylvania’s leader in outdoor living solutions since 1965, we’re a proud dealer of Telescope® Casual Furniture, including their slings, bistro sets, umbrellas, lounges, and deep-seating patio furniture. Find our brochure download, or find a Fronheiser Pools location near you to start your journey toward a backyard paradise.
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