Tips for Storing Patio Furniture

storing patio furniture
  You probably put a lot of thought into the purchase of your patio furniture. After all, your outside space is a continuation of your indoor living area and is a visual focal point. You took a lot of care choosing the best style, colors, and comfort features of your outdoor furniture. You may have also been surprised to learn that the cost of outdoor furniture is comparable to that of indoor pieces. But it was all worth it, right? Your family enjoyed every moment spent relaxing in the beautiful and functional environment you created. Now that winter is approaching, you will want to protect and care for your backyard investment so that you can appreciate it for years to come. Read on to learn some tips for storing your patio furniture when it is not in use.  

Clean It Before Storing

During the summer season, your outdoor furniture naturally becomes grimy from dust, pollen, suntan oil, and other substances. If you take the time to clean your pieces thoroughly before storing, when you bring it out next spring it will be ready for you to use immediately. 
  • Metal and plastic resin furniture: Wipe down with a solution of water and liquid detergent, rinse well, and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Wicker furniture: Clean with a brush, rinse, allow to dry.
  • Teak and cedar: Wash with a bleach and water solution and allow to dry.  In addition, every few years you may need to sand your pieces lightly, then apply a light coating of tung oil.
  • Patio umbrellas: Wash fabric using a brush and a mild detergent solution. Allow to dry in the open position. Store in the closed position when dry.
  • Cushions: If the cushion covers are removable, take them off and launder them. If not removable, you can use a brush to clean the cushions with a mild detergent solution. Allow to completely dry outside in the fresh air.

Store It Inside

Most outdoor furniture is created with durability in mind. It is meant to stand up to the hot sun and fluctuations in weather. That being said, if you want your outdoor furniture investment to pay off in the long run, you will need to store it out of the elements during the winter months. The following items should definitely be brought indoors and stored in a garage, storage shed, or basement:
  • Cushions, upholstery, umbrellas, outdoor rugs.
  • Steel or wrought iron furniture
  • Wicker or rattan pieces
  Ideally, it would be best to store all your outdoor furniture inside to protect it during the winter months. However, if storage space is an issue, or in the case of very large bulky pieces, read on for other options.  

Cover It Up

Sometimes it is not practical to store all of your outside furniture in an indoor storage area. If you have furniture that must remain outside during the winter months, you should cover it to protect it from the elements. A tarp will do in a pinch, but covers that are made to fit specific pieces is the best option. Special outside furniture covers are made of material that resists UV rays, mildew, moisture, and comes with special heavy duty ties to secure it in place.  Invest in durable covers to preserve your carefully chosen outdoor furniture that cannot be stored inside.   It does take a bit of extra effort to protect your outdoor furniture from harsh winter weather. The afternoon of time you spend cleaning and protecting your backyard investment will be well worth it in the extra years of use you will enjoy from your pieces. We hope you found these tips for storing patio furniture helpful. Fronheiser Pools is here to help you with all your outdoor living needs.   
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