What Are the Types of Pool Safety Covers Available in 2023?

pool safety covers available in 2022
If you are in the market for a pool cover, you may be unsure of what type of cover might be best for you. What are the types of pool safety covers available in 2023?  Fronheiser Pools is happy to break down the three types of pool covers available and explain their best uses and how to maintain them. That way, you will be better able to make an informed decision. 

What Purposes Do Pool Safety Covers Serve?

When a pool is covered, debris is prevented from getting into the water, making pool maintenance less of a chore. However, the primary purpose of a pool safety cover is, as the name suggests, to provide safety. A pool safety cover ensures that animals and people cannot accidentally fall into the pool and possibly drown. Since safety is an essential thing to be aware of, the importance of a pool cover cannot be overstated. 

When Do You Use a Pool Safety Cover?

Safety covers are used on swimming pools as a barrier when the pool is not in use, in the winter, or at other times of the year when the pool is closed for an extended period.  The three types of pool covers discussed have different price points and benefits. All need to be cleaned periodically to prolong their years of use. 

The Three Types of Pool Safety Covers

The three types of pool safety covers available in 2023 are mesh, solid, and automatic. Once you know the pros and cons of each type, you will have the knowledge to decide which one might work best for you and your situation.

 1.  Mesh safety covers. Mesh pool safety covers can be custom-made to fit any pool. They attach firmly in place to the pool deck with a series of anchors and stretchy cords. The mesh material, being perforated, allows sunlight and water to pass through to the pool water. This is sometimes good for areas that receive a lot of snow and ice, as the water can drain into the pool when it melts. Since they do let water pass through, you will not have issues with standing water on the surface. Another plus is that mesh covers are lightweight and easy to put on, remove, and store. They are also the most affordable safety cover option.

 2.  Solid safety covers. As with mesh covers, solid safety covers can be customized to fit the shape of your pool and are held in place with anchors and cords on springs. They are heavier and take a bit more effort to put on and take off than the mesh covers. The benefits they provide are the same. The main difference is that because they are solid, sunlight, water, and fine particles cannot penetrate them, so your spring pool opening will be much easier, without algae or murky water. Water and snow will accumulate on the top of a solid cover, though, and must be removed. Snow can be brushed off, but water will need to be removed with a cover pump.

3.  Automatic safety covers. This type of cover has all the benefits of a solid pool safety cover but is perhaps not as sturdy during heavy snow. You will need a cover pump to remove water that has puddled on them and will need to clear off any solid debris. They are the most expensive type of pool safety cover but are able to be used every day when your pool is not in use.  That being said, many pool owners think that the ease of operation, once they have been installed, may outweigh the cost and maintenance. They are operated with a switch, keypad, or a remote device. This is great when you want the ultimate level of protection throughout swim season, too. 

What are the types of pool safety covers available in 2023? Now that you know more about mesh, solid and automatic pool covers, you will be able to make an informed decision about which one would be best for you. All three types of safety covers protect your pool, your family, and your pets. Fronheiser Pools is proud to carry GLI Pool Products® pool safety covers. Stop by our showroom and chat with our professional staff. We are happy to answer all your questions to ensure you get the safety cover that is perfect for your pool.
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