What’s the Right Way to Use a Pool Vacuum?

What's the right way to use a pool vacuum?
We can all agree that nothing beats the labor-saving ease of having a robotic pool vacuum clean the pool. However, if you have cloudy water or an algae problem you should know how to use a manual pool vacuum. What’s the right way to use a pool vacuum? It turns out that manually vacuuming the pool isn’t so tricky, and you can get the job done and get back to enjoying the water in no time. Many people find the chore somewhat soothing and quite like the process. Fronheiser Pools has all your supplies for manually vacuuming your pool and the expert staff to answer all your questions. 

What You Need to Vacuum the Pool Manually

  • Vacuum hose. Make sure it is long enough to reach all the nooks and crannies of the pool.
  • Telescopic pole. It should be long enough so you can reach all sides of the pool from the pool deck. The pole attaches to the vacuum head.
  • Vacuum head. This is the business end of things. The vacuum hose and the telescopic pole attach to it. It has brushes that will scrub the floor of the pool as you vacuum up debris.
  • Skim vac. This is a round plate that fits into the skimmer basket and makes the attachment of the vacuum hose more convenient.

Attach the Hose and Pole to the Vacuum Head

With the pool pump and filter running, you will first attach the vacuum hose to the nozzle on top of the vacuum head. Next, you will snap the telescopic pole into place on the vacuum head. 

Prime the Vacuum

To achieve good suction, it is important to force the air out of the vacuum hose. To do this, drop the vacuum head and hose into the pool. Place the open end of the vacuum hose against one of the pool jets to blow water through the hose, pushing out the air. When you see no more bubbles rising from the vacuum head, you are ready to vacuum. 

Put the Skim Vac Plate in Place

Attach the end of the hose you had up against the return jet to the top of the skimmer vac plate. Blocking the opening with your hand, drop the skim vac plate into the skimmer hole, covering the basket. If you do not have a skim vac plate, you can remove your skimmer basket and attach the end of the vacuum hose directly into the skimmer inlet. 

Start Vacuuming

You should have created a good amount of suction and are now ready to vacuum the sides and floor of the pool. If at any point you lose suction, repeat the steps above until the vacuum process is working again.  Start at the shallow end of the pool and use long slow strokes to cover the area on the floor of the pool. What you do not want to do is stir up the debris by rushing the process. If this happens, it can take some time to resettle. 

Disconnect the Vacuum and Clean the Sides of the Pool

Disassemble the hose from the vacuum head and let the water in the hose drain away from the pool. Now attach your cleaning brush to the telescoping pole and thoroughly brush the sides of the pool. Check your pump strainer basket and clean out any debris.  You can see that the right way to use a pool vacuum isn’t that complicated. However, you can probably also see that it is a process that can’t be rushed. If you are thinking that the meditative process of manual pool vacuuming may not be your cup of tea, there are other options. You might want to explore investing in a robotic pool vacuum that takes the manual labor out of the process. What’s the right way to use a pool vacuum? Why whichever way works best for you, of course! Fronheiser Pools has two locations stocked with the supplies you need for manual pool vacuuming. We also carry the Pentair Prowler® line of robotic pool vacuums for your convenience. Come on in and chat with our professional staff and find out which option will suit you best.  To learn more about how to care for your pool, read Water Care 101: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know. 
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