10 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Spa

thankful for your spa
November and Thanksgiving are traditionally times when we are encouraged to reflect upon and express our gratitude. However, thinking about the things in our lives that we are thankful for is not something that should be restricted to the Thanksgiving table. Research shows that making a habit of practicing gratitude can have many benefits. For one thing, regularly reflecting on things you appreciate can have an effect on your heart rhythm, relieve stress, and change your focus from negative to positive. How do you come up with ideas on what you are grateful for? We may be biased, but we suggest you start in your own backyard. Here are 10 reasons to be thankful for your spa.  

1. Better Sleep

The American Sleep Association tells us that the majority of Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder. Studies have shown that a pre-bedtime soak in the hot tub can result in falling asleep faster, deeper sleep, and longer sleep. And who wouldn’t appreciate that?  

2. Increased Immunity

Soaking in your spa raises your body temperature, which activates the immune system to fight viruses. Regular hot tub use may result in fewer illnesses, which is truly something to be thankful for.  

3. Soothed Aches and Pains

The warm buoyant water of your spa has the effect of reducing muscle aches and joint pain. The relief one gets from a hydrotherapy session in the hot tub is something everyone can appreciate.  

4.  Better Skin

Regular hot tub use opens up pores and improves hydration. The steam from the hot tub increases blood flow, which in turn promotes the production of collagen and elastin. Also, skin products absorb more effectively after a soak in the spa. Softer, younger-looking skin is definitely something to be grateful for!   

5. Reduced Stress

The warmth of the water in your hot tub, accompanied by the massage of the jets is an instant stress reliever. Recover from a hard day at work or soothe the anxiety of personal troubles by soaking in your spa. Being able to raise your mood is something of great value.  

6. Workout Aid

Use the hot tub before a workout to loosen muscles and increase flexibility. Treat yourself to an after-workout soak to soothe sore muscles and promote healing from muscle strain.  

7. Year-Round Availability

Be thankful that your hot tub is there for you to conveniently use throughout the year regardless of the season. Fresh air is known to improve blood pressure, raise serotonin, and even aid digestion. It is important to get outside on a daily basis and experience the outside world.   

8. A Place To Exercise

Our hot tubs provide us with a great place to exercise. No need to take yourself to the gym when you can stay fit in your spa with yoga, aquatic dance, weight lifting, cardio activities, and more. Being able to exercise in the convenience of home is an excellent reason to appreciate your spa.  

9. Bring Romance Back

Your hot tub is the perfect place to re-connect with your spouse. The chance to relax and converse with your partner without distraction is priceless. Strengthen the relationship you have with your spouse and your entire family will benefit.   

10. Spend More Time With Your Kids

We all know that time passes quickly and when you can spend more of it with your kids, that is truly something to be grateful for. Schedule regular hot tub sessions with your children and build precious memories with them. Bring your family closer than ever with a hot tub.   No matter what time of the year it is, it is essential to regularly reflect on the things that matter most to us. Relaxation, reduced pain, improved physical health, and more time spent with family are all things to be grateful for and can be found in our own backyards. These 10 reasons to be thankful for your spa can all be put to use to enhance your happiness and appreciation for life. If you aren’t making the most of your spa, we encourage you to start now!   Fronheiser Pools is thankful to have you as a customer, and our experts are here to answer all your hot tub-related questions.  
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