All About Variable-Speed Pumps

Variable-speed pumps save energy
The pool industry has been buzzing about variable-speed pumps for the past couple of years. Have you been wondering what all the fuss is about, but are afraid to ask? You know the upfront cost is kind of pricey. Is it worth it? Fronheiser Pools would be happy to share the basics about variable-speed pumps with you and give you an idea as to why they are the leading choice for consumers. Read on to learn all about variable-speed pumps.  

The Basics

A variable-speed pump is one that operates at different speeds to perform different tasks. You can control and program it. It has a “permanent magnetic motor” which is more efficient and more reliable than single or dual-speed pumps.  


Before variable-speed pumps, pool pump were often the highest consumer of energy in a home. However, variable-speed pumps can be operated for a longer period of time at a lower speed, which takes less energy than running a single-speed pump for 8 hours. This results in an energy savings of 75% or more. In one or two seasons, a variable speed pump will pay for itself in what you save on your energy bill.  

Better Filtration

When the pump operates at a lower speed, the velocity of water passing through the pool filter is slower. This results in better filtration efficiency. With a slower rate of water passing through the filter, there is more opportunity for debris to be filtered out in one pass-through. Therefore, it takes less time to turn over all the water in the pool, due to the higher effectiveness of the filtration.  

Quieter Performance

Single-speed pumps operate at 3,400 revolutions per minute (RPMs) and variable-speed pumps are closer to 600 RPMs. This produces a much quieter operation. One brilliant result is that you can operate your pool pump overnight at low speed (during off-peak hours), achieve a complete turnover of your pool water, and not have anyone’s sleep disturbed by the racket.  

Programmable Features

Sometimes it is desirable to operate your pool pump at higher speeds. For example, you may need higher speeds when using a water feature, operating the chemical feeder, or when using suction pool cleaners. Once these operations are finished, the pump speed can be reduced. The best thing is, the pump will make these speed adjustments for you, as they can easily be programmed in.   

Longer Lasting

Operating at a lower speed is less taxing on the pump, therefore variable speed pumps lasts longer. When investing in a significant piece of equipment, reliability and longevity are important considerations.  

Variable Speed Pump Laws

The Department of Energy has mandated variable-speed pumps, effective July 2021. That doesn’t mean everyone with a single-speed pump has to rush out and purchase a variable speed pump today. What it does mean is that when that single speed pump needs replacement, it will have to be replaced with a variable speed pump. Of course, you could do it sooner and start saving money now.   Are you convinced? Investing in a variable-speed pool pump makes a lot of sense. Who wouldn’t want energy savings, improved filtration, quieter operation, and better performance? The professionals at Fronheiser Pools are available to answer all your questions and help you find the variable speed pump that is right for you.  Now that you know about variable speed pumps, read Water Care 101: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know to learn more about pool care.
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