5 Tasks That Will Keep Your Pool in Tip-Top Shape

As pool owners, we know that keeping our pools in the best possible condition involves some effort. Since our pool is a major focal point of our homes as well as a big investment, we are motivated to keep it pristine. It doesn’t have to be a monumental chore, however. It is more a matter of routine performance. On that note, let’s talk about 5 tasks that will keep your pool in tip-top shape.  

1. Understand Your Water Chemistry

It is essential that you understand your pool’s water chemistry needs. You must know your desired pH and alkalinity levels and strive always to keep them balanced. Keeping these levels in balance is one of the most important things you can do to make all the other chemicals work at peak efficiency. Calcium hardness is another important level to maintain correctly to avoid damage to your pool and its equipment. Whatever sanitizer you use (chlorine, salt, bromine, etc), know how many parts per million are appropriate and keep it at that level. Test your water one or two times per week and make the necessary adjustments. Your pool professional can advise you specifically as to dosages and what products to use.  

2. Thorough and Regular Cleaning

Wrap your mind around the fact that cleaning your pool is a necessary task that must be done routinely. Think of it as a Zen meditation activity that allows you to be in the sun and fresh air, while doing a useful task. At least it is a good workout, right?
  • Skim the surface of your pool daily if possible. Scooping up floating debris from the surface is much easier than removing it once it has sunk to the bottom of the pool. 
  • Brush the walls, steps, and ladders several times each week. Getting debris off these surfaces will go far to prevent algae from forming. Your filter will pick up these small scraped-off particles.
  • Vacuum. Vacuuming the pool at least once a week is the final cleaning chore necessary to keep your pool in pristine condition. There are several types of pool vacs available, but robotic pool vacuums are hugely popular right now due to low energy use, high efficiency, and the fact that they work independently of any pool equipment.

3. Empty Skimmer Baskets and Pump Debris Traps

If your pool’s water system is clogged with debris, it is not operating efficiently. Cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets is critical to maintaining your pool equipment. A pump that is working too hard will not last as long as one that is cleared of debris regularly. Clean these baskets weekly and preserve your pool equipment.  

4. Proper Water Level

Most pool professionals recommend that your pool water level be mid-skimmer level for your filtration system to operate properly. Check your water level daily in hot weather to be sure it is correct to avoid damage to your filter.   

5. Winterizing Your Pool

Knowing how to close your pool at the end of the season is something that will make opening it up again in the spring a much more pleasant experience. Winterizing your pool also preserves the life of your pool equipment. The time to do this is typically when daytime temperatures are consistently below 65 degrees. Your local pool professional can advise you as to the procedure, materials, and chemicals you will need to winterize your pool properly for the area. If you feel it is too big a DIY job, you can even hire the pros to do it for you.   That wasn’t so bad, was it? Most aspects of pool maintenance can be a pleasant experience. Spending quiet time in the sunshine and fresh air is enjoyable, and knowing how to service your pool and maintain its chemistry can be a money saver as well. Best of all, routinely performing these 5 tasks will keep your pool in tip-top shape, extend its life, and give you years of recreational joy. Fronheiser Pools offers a range of pool services and products and is always here to answer any questions you may have.   
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