How to Design your Swimming Pool Oasis

Is there anything better than a backyard pool during the dog days of summer? Just think about it …
  • Watching the kids swim and play with their friends, inventing fun new pool games.
  • Enjoying a romantic evening float with your someone special.
  • Jumping in after a hot afternoon filled with yard work.
  • Having family and friends over for a cookout and pool party.
That’s what summertime is all about, right? If you don’t yet have a backyard pool of your own, now is the time to start planning your perfect pool oasis. With a little work on the front end, your pool construction process will go smoothly and you’ll be lazing on your pool floatie in no time.

Decide on your Budget

Installing a pool is making an investment in your family and your home. But there’s more to the cost than just the pool itself. Think about the installation costs and the construction costs of any surrounding structures you might want, like a concrete or wooden pool deck, a privacy fence (locking, of course!), even a small pool house. Landscaping and pool maintenance costs should also be factored in.

Select your Space

As you’re staring at your backyard thinking about turning it into an oasis, be sure you know where your property lines and any underground utilities are. Plan your pool according to the space you have available. And, it will depend where you live, but chances are you’re going to need a permit for your pool. Contact your city or county to find out. A trusted pool installer can also help you navigate these waters.

Choose your Pool

Finally, choose the type of pool that will fit your lifestyle best. Your budget will have an affect on this, but you’ll want to choose the pool that will get you closest to that backyard oasis you’ve been looking for. Want easy maintenance and a soft surface? A vinyl liner pool may be best for you. Looking for the ultimate in customization? A gunite pool is for you. Ready to get serious about your pool planning? Contact us today. We’re here to help!
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