When to Open a Pool in Berks County, PA

Spring Pool Opening in Berks County, PA
Have you been dreaming of warm days by the pool? Imagining the kids jumping in the water with their colorful pool floats? Maybe this is the year that you updated your old pool furniture, and you are itching to get out in the sun with your book and lemonade and try out that new chaise lounge. The day will get here soon enough when you can make your warm-weather dreams come true. It’s a bit too early to open that pool just yet. The good news is that it is time to start planning for it. Wondering when to open a pool in Berks County, PA? Read on for some guidelines and suggestions.

It’s All About the Outside Temperature

The guideline professional pool technicians follow is to recommend opening your swimming pool for the season when the daytime temperatures are consistently around 70 degrees. In Berks County, PA, that typically occurs in May

Plan Your Pool Opening in Advance

Even though you won’t be jumping in the pool for a while, there are some things you can do to prepare for your pool opening. In late March or early April, you can sweep and tidy the area surrounding the pool before tackling the pool cover. Clear any debris off your pool cover. Next, after the snow is done for the year, get some help to remove the cover and give it a good cleaning with pool cover cleaner or car wash soap. Finally, let the cover dry completely before folding it up and storing it in a closed container or storage bag, up off the ground in your shed or garage.

Give Your Pool a Thorough Inspection

Now that the cover is off, you can inspect your pool for cracks, damage to the vinyl liner, and any other issues you may not have noticed at the time you closed the pool. You can also test and balance your water and add algaecide if needed. Replace accessories such as diving boards and ladders if you can. 

Order Your Chemicals and Supplies

You will want to be prepared for the pool season by having a good supply of all the chemicals you will need to maintain your pool once it is opened. You will need sanitizer, pH and calcium balancing chemicals, shock, algaecide, and clarifier. Don’t wait until the last minute! You can easily order your supplies online from Fronheiser Pools

DIY or Call in the Professionals?

Now you have a decision to make. Do you want to go through the many steps of opening your pool for the season yourself? Or is this a job for the professional pool technicians at Fronheiser Pools? If you think you would prefer to leave the remaining tasks to the experts, don’t delay in scheduling your pool opening service appointment. You don’t want to be all ready to go and end up waiting for an appointment that was scheduled late. It is not too soon to schedule your pool opening service early in the spring so that the service will be complete when the days finally turn warmer in late April and May. There are many steps to opening a swimming pool for the season. If you are wondering when to open a pool in Berks County, PA, the answer is usually the beginning of May. Even if you have decided to leave the job to the pros, there are some things you can do yourself in advance to prepare for the big day. Once the expert technicians from Fronheiser Pools take care of things for you, it will be time to dive in that pristine water with your excited kids, fire up the grill, and enjoy that new patio furniture. Happy swimming!
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